Monthly Archives: March, 2013

I’m not one for the alcohol, but this is a pretty cool find.

In perfect condition.  I let my friend Karen purchase this.  She’s a bit of a boozer.

Is this real?

It’s beyond me how he never had mainstream success.

Saw this treasure in the checkout line.

Cause you can never have too many poorly made doorstops.

Sweet Knicks Hardwood Classics Jersey.

I love the vibrant, 70s-esque coloring on the sides. Can’t wait to jinx their season by wearing this…

I wish I had this back when sport cards were worth something.

A steal for only $1.91. I can’t wait to put my Pokemon…er…I mean baseball cards in here.

Thug Matrimony

I imagine this would be an interesting read.

As much as I love the title, the fact that “The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers” exists is far more incredible.

I’d hate to have to do their inventory.

Anyone interested in opening a used bowling alley?

Time to buy a VCR.

My guilty pleasure.

You gotta be me smurfing me!

New favorite shirt.

Only Texas

Texas basket, anyone?

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