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If the South Won Gettysburg

File this under "Thank God This Isn't True"

File this under “Thank God This Isn’t True”

This sounds like it would be a Steven King horror novel.


Clarissa Explains It All…The Game?!

Some please explain to me how I never knew this existed.

2013-04-17 16.09.32

Unfortunately the box was taped up, so I wasn’t able to open it up to read about it and check out the contents.  Sydlexia gives a decent review of what may or may not have been in it (ya never know with donated games): Clarissa Explains It All Game review

2013-04-17 16.09.51

2013-04-17 16.09.59

Anyone else feeling old now??

Very, Very Versatile Vest

2013-04-09 16.05.39

Flip to this side for Easter. You’ll be the envy of every old woman.

2013-04-09 16.06.05

…and this side for St. Patrick’s Day.  Or really any Irish-themed event.  Or maybe just any time you’re eating Lucky Charms.

So this one time I found an Indiana Pacers jersey shirt in San Francisco…

I love sports, so I never miss a chance to buy anything from any of the major franchises. Last August in San Francisco I stumbled upon a Pacers jersey shirt while at a Salvation Army. I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to wear it in a relevant setting until tonight.


I wore this thrifted Indiana jersey shirt to game 3 of the Hawks-Pacers first round playoff game here in Atlanta, Ga.


Unfortunately it’s a Tyler Hansbrough shirt. He’s terrible. Arguably dreadful. Frankly I was embarrassed and considered taking it off.

Goodwill finds I wore on the set of Anchorman 2!


Got the shirt for $4 and the tie, which was brand new, for $2.


Got these great shoes that admittedly need to be cleaned up for $5.


Here’s the whole outfit. Surprisingly the linen suit was not thrifted. That’s a long story…

Even I wouldn’t put one of these in my mouth…


Nothing like cheaply manufactured, most likely toxic toothbrushes.

Mr. Baseball: An American Classic

One of Selleck's top 15 performances in a sport-related film set in the 1990s.

One of Selleck’s top 15 performances in a sport-related film set in the 1990s.

It’s hard to imagine a used VHS costing $9.99.  

UUEEGGHH!! Ladies beware.

Ladies beware.

Found this sweatshirt in a huge thrift store that used to be an automotive garage in Waterford, Michigan, just outside of Detroit.

My new Christmas wish.


As long as they’re of legal age, of course…

Ted Turner created Captain Planet??!?


This immediately caught my eye.


TIL Ted Turner created Captain Planet.  What hasn’t that man accomplished?


I really miss pop-up books. I’d probably pay way more attention in college.

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