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C.C. Sabathia “Turn Back the Clock” Cleveland Indians Bobblehead

This is one of my favorite finds EVER.

  2013-05-30 23.18.46 2013-05-30 23.19.09

I’m so tempted to open this and proudly display it, but I want to keep it forever safe in its box…WHAT SHOULD I DO???

2013-05-30 23.18.52 2013-05-30 23.18.59

You’d also have to “turn back the clock” to see C.C. in and Indians uniform.  I’m very grateful the Yankees have him locked up for the next few years.

Old School Mitch-a-Palooza!!

I found this awesome shirt during a quick Goodwill stop in Nashville, TN.

Mitch-a-Palooza 2

As always, it was a size too big.


Probably should have still bought it…ah, regrets.

Nifty Booze Rack

It’s fairly rare that you find furniture in a thrift store that isn’t stained or damaged in any way.

2013-05-24 17.18.33     2013-05-24 17.18.48

This cool wine rack was in very good condition.  Seems a but pricey at about $30, but compared to a new one it’s definitely a bargain.

2013-05-24 17.18.38     2013-05-24 17.18.44

Plenty of room for even a decent wine collection.  It even has a nice little drawer to store your…wine manuals?

I was very tempted to buy this, but I don’t like wine.  Might still go back and get it just cause it’s awesome.

I’m With Stupid

Spongebob Shirt

But he’s a great friend, and that’s all that should matter.

Reese’s Shirt


Truly a “sweet” shirt… I’m sorry about that, but it had to be said.

Uncomfortable Green School Chairs

Found these neat green chairs at the Goodwill in Woodstock, GA.

Green chairs

Green chairs 2

For $1.91 each, it wouldn’t cost that much to start your own outdated, secondhand school.


This appears to be a field guide to the talent-less teen heartthrobs of the last couple of years.

Boys, Boys, Boys     Boys, Boys, Boys !

I hate having to share this, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Minnesota Twins Baseball Duffle Bag

Since the Minnesota Twins are in town playing the Braves I figured now would be a good time to post this cool Twins duffle bag I found a few weeks ago.

Twins Bag 1

In three minutes of Googling I was unable to deteremine when was made, but I found one listed for sale for $10 plus $7 shipping, confirming that this is a pretty valualbe find.  I snagged it for only $2.49.

Twins Bag 2

As you can see, it’s actually a very nice bag.  Solid material and rather spacious.

Twins Bag 3

I just wish the Atlanta Braves could have giveaways this cool…

A Box of Vuvuzelas

Who’s ready for the World Cup?

Vuvuzela 1

Probably shouldn’t be putting these in my mouth…

Vuvuzela 2

This “instrument” was pretty cool initially, but after about 6 minutes of hearing them constantly hum you begin to hate them with every fiber of your being.

The Star Wars Trilogy in Book Form

I recently found this incredible book with the stories of all three original Star Wars movies.

Star Wars 1     Star Wars 2

It’s written in story form, making it much more interesting and smoother to read than if it were written in script form.

Star Wars 3     Star Wars 4

I wish the movie had some of the language in this book.  It’s truly brilliant and the best thing I’ve read in ages.

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