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I Have Returned…

As many, some or maybe even none of you know, I moved to California this past summer.  Two weeks in a  20-foot moving van, towing a car with a girl in the passenger seat was exactly as nightmarish as it sounds.  I took a long hiatus from posting mostly due to forgetfulness, but also from getting a little burnt out; it’s tough posting something EVERY day that’s interesting enough to warrant posting.  This is especially true when your entire premise is based on getting lucky wandering around thrift stores.

I have decided to renew my mission of showcasing all the weird/cool/stupid things I find whilst thrifting, but I will now be spacing them out a bit.  Currently I rely on public transit (thankfully I live in a city), so I’m a bit limited in what thrift stores I can go to at the moment.  That said, I shall do my best to provide my tens of readers with the best stuff I can find.  Also, please feel free to talk about your own finds, submit pictures or just tell me how much you love seeing all this crap I post.

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