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Ace of Plates

As a fan of both playing cards and odd-shaped tableware, this was an exciting find. A little dinged up, but at $4 it’s probably cheaper than a deck of playing cards.

Journey Boxset 

I brought my mother to the thrift store for the first time.  We were handsomely rewarded with this amazing Journey collection.

They had a very….unique art style.

I don’t know 40% of these, but I’m sure they’re incredible.

The hair. The clothes. The keytar. Perfection.

A Tale of Two Rizzos

Anthony Rizzo was once a promising young hitter in the San Diego Padres organization.  A trade sent this future all star to the Chicago Cubs, who won the 2016 World Series.  But don’t worry! In return, the Padres got a forgettable pitcher with an unforgettably awful beard.

I love jersey shirts and normally buy them all, but this one is a sad reminder of what could have been in San Diego. Plus, it’s a Large, and I wear Medium.

This was one of the more bland designs the Padres used in the 2000s.

High-end Hello Kitty

I’ve seen Hello Kitty versions of everything, but not such a nice handbag.  A little dirty, but my sister was still tempted to get it.  

Think of all the Hello Kitty things that could fit in here!

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