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I’ve Tried Polygamy!

I've Tried Polygamy!

And all I got was this shirt…

Goodwill finds I wore on the set of Anchorman 2!


Got the shirt for $4 and the tie, which was brand new, for $2.


Got these great shoes that admittedly need to be cleaned up for $5.


Here’s the whole outfit. Surprisingly the linen suit was not thrifted. That’s a long story…

UUEEGGHH!! Ladies beware.

Ladies beware.

Found this sweatshirt in a huge thrift store that used to be an automotive garage in Waterford, Michigan, just outside of Detroit.

My new Christmas wish.


As long as they’re of legal age, of course…

Never forget.

Even I couldn’t bring myself to buy this.

Stallone Rambo Shirt

I might have to wear this every day.

I’d buy this 1,000 times.

If only I owned a Cadillac…

“One can never have too many pimp hats.” – Mark Twain

Who doesn’t?

Especially for only $2.00.

I WONDER what kind of fool would give this shirt away.

Reminds me of Talladega Nights.

I didn’t like Missouri until I saw this.

I dare you to show me a person who wouldn’t buy this.

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