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Thrift Store Review: Thrift Korral

Address: 8693 La Mesa Boulevard, La Mesa, CA 91942

While I was in La Mesa staying with some family I got the opportunity to walk around the city and find some local thrift stores.  I was of course in Southern California for the one day it’s rained all year.  It was mostly just a light rain all day, so it wound up being a bit refreshing.  The rain didn’t stop Thrift Korral from attracting customers:

Thrift Korral - 1

This thrift store is affiliated with the Sharp-Grossmont Hospital, which I was able to explore while visiting my aunt.  It’s nice being able to see what your purchases go towards, aside from providing jobs for those who might not otherwise have employment.

Thrift Korral had a great selection of items.  They had some nicer, old furniture; there was a section for fabrics, vintage plates and sewing equipment; there were several shelves with a variety of books and old magazines, including some auto manuals; the housewares section had a cool blend of vintage mugs (including a 1984 Pac Man mug) and plenty of stuff for the children in your life.  The only section I found lacking was the men’s clothing area.  There were several suits and formal jackets, but not really anything if you’re under the age of 50.  I may have just come at a bad time, but there wasn’t all that much room for more.  The women’s clothing section was also a bit small, but the women in the store seemed to find plenty of interesting articles of clothing.

For the sake of not being creepy, I didn’t get to photograph maybe the coolest part of the store: the child’s play area.  They had a corner of the store dedicated to kids’ toys and even some cool dinosaur posters.  The toys were laid out in a way to promote playing, which I thought was great.  I’d be much more inclined to visit if my child had something to do other than be dragged around a store.  There were a fair amount of toys and dolls for sale, including an awesome Yankees teddy bear.  Pretty cool stuff.

Thrift Korral - 2 Thrift Korral - 3

This thrift store had something I’ve never seen before: a wall of past and current employees.  I found this quite heart-warming.  It looks like they’ve had quite a few (mostly older) people work here, and it’s nice to see them memorialized for all to see and remember.

Thrift Korral - 4

Overall, I thought this was a very nice thrift store.  The employees seemed kind and deserving of their jobs.  Everything was organized and fairly priced.  I’ll definitely be coming back here next time I’m out West.  I’ll give it 7/10 tweed jackets, only denying it 8/10 due to its fairly small size.


Thrift Store Review: St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store – Fletcher Hills

Front view

Front view

Address: 2325 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon, CA, 92020.

I found this store on a jog through Fletcher Hills, just north of La Mesa, California.  The conventional thrift store section was fairly small, but had a large annex with lots of gently used or new furniture for reasonable prices.  It also had really nice bathrooms, which is a rarity for thrift stores.

St. Vincent de Paul - Fletcher Hills   St. Vincent de Paul - Fletcher Hills

The cloting selection was almost excusively women’s which was disappointing.  What I found most interesting was a rack of brand new Reebok football jerseys for $15 a pop.  There were about 23 Phillip Rivers Chargers jerseys in addition to some nameless Red Skin, Dolphin and Raider jerseys.  Unfortunately there were all size XXL (I hate Rivers so I wouldn’t have bought one anyway).  Checking eBay I realized even for that great price it would be hard to resell them for a profit.

There were a fair amount of neat plates, books and brand new duffle bags to choose from.  Also, in the furniture annex they had these giant old fashioned gas pumps for sale.  I’ll be posting that one tomorrow so you can see what I’m talking about.

The staff was kind and offered their help, which is all you can ask.

Overall I’d definitely recommend this store.  The prices were fair based on my experience and everything was clearly marked and well organized.  I was on a jog so for the first time in a while I left a thrift store with nothing.  There were a few records I’d likely have bought as well as a nice terrarium with some good accessories.  I give it 8/10 used tweed suits:


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