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Thrift Store Review: Treasure Cove Thrift Store – Dallas

In my search for an RV to make my move to California, I stumbled upon a 1977 motorhome for sale in Acworth (technically Dallas, Ga.), just north of where I live.  I found it posted on Craigslist and the old man I spoke with gave me directions instead of an address (side note: I’ve noticed that people 60 and older tend to prefer giving you directions instead of simply giving you their address.  This in incredibly annoying).  Anyway, it wound up bringing me to Treasure Cove Thrift Store, which I had no idea existed.  It does not come up on Google Maps, which in my book means it isn’t real.  I came to realize this place was not only real, but pretty darn awesome.

Treasure Cove 1     Treasure Cove 2

Just in case the map isn’t helpful, the address is 10323 Dallas Acworth Highway, Dallas, GA.

This place has the biggest variety of the 40+ thrift stores I’ve been to.  Seriously, this place has stuff I’ve never seen at an actual store.  Without visiting for yourself, I’d suggest imagining every garage sale you’ve ever been to combined, but subtract all the crap and multiply it by 10.  Seriously, this place is worth a visit.  Seriously.  (insert synonym for seriously)

Treasure Cove 3     Treasure Cove 4

There is a ton of outdoor space full of outdoor furniture, a bunch of bikes and plenty of assorted, random things you’d never see at a thrift store.  As I said, there’s a working motorhome and also a pop-up camper for sale.  There were a fair amount of children’s toys, slides and ride on cars.

This guy greeted us as we walked in. You don't realize how massive these are until you see them up close.

This guy greeted us as we walked in. You don’t realize how massive these are until you see them up close.

You can't call a place "Treasure Cove" without having a treasure chest. You just can't.

You can’t call a place “Treasure Cove” without having a treasure chest. You just can’t.

I wasn’t sure what to expect walking inside, but considering the bounty of treasures outside, I figured I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Treasure Cove 7     Treasure Cove 8

The interior was nicely arranged and not as cluttered as I imagined it would be.  A plethora of furniture, interesting books, instruments, models, toys and even a telescope all managed to be on display in this relatively small building.  Some guy was just relaxing, enjoying the cool air and watching TV.  The store really had a pleasant, care-free environment.

Treasure Cove 9     Treasure Cove 10

The owner, Johnny, was incredibly friendly and happily showed me the motorhome I came to see.  I attached a picture of his business card in the hopes some of you will come visit this place.  I’m excited to go back before I leave Georgia and pick up a couple of things.  I’m giving this my first 9/10 thrifted tweed suits for providing all you could ever want in a thrift store.  It’s even cooler because it’s just a guy running a small business, which is refreshing these days.  I’m only not giving it a 10/10 because it’s kinda out of the way and I hate going to regions where the teeth/mouth ratio drops drastically.



Thrift Store Review: St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store – Kennesaw

SVP Kennesaw 5

One of two interesting places in downtown Kennesaw

Downtown Kennesaw, Ga, doesn’t offer much to anyone living in the 21st century.  There’s a “computer” store, a few sub par restaurants, and a store that looks like a constant garage sale for over-sized homemade crafts.  Outside of the Mexican supermarket, the only place I ever go is the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.  It can be found by looking at this map:

The biggest problem I have with this place is the hours, which are 10am-3pm.  I’m barely awake at that time let alone clothed enough to be out in public.  Being closed on Sundays is also a bummer, but then again it is a religious store that employs older people, so it’s understandable.

That being said, this is actually a great little thrift shop.  They have a bigger selection than you’d think and the prices are fairly, well, fair.  This place has plenty of furniture, nicely organized book section, a good amount of clothing, and several aisles of “stuff.”  Every time I’m here I check out the shelf with board games; I always find something cool or that I’ve never heard of.  This is definitely a place you’ll want to stop at if you’re in the Kennesaw area between 10am and 3pm.  That’s actually pretty much the only time there isn’t traffic, so it works out pretty well.

SVP Kennesaw 4

Interesting furniture section.

SVP Kennesaw 3

Well-organized libros section.

SVP Kennesaw 2 SVP Kennesaw

I didn’t get a picture, but there’s also a small section at the front of the store with several wedding dresses.  I actually know someone who used a Goodwill dress at her wedding, so it made me smile when I saw them.  I’m still searching for a nice white suit that’ll fit me…a man can dream…

Anyway, I give this place 7/10 thrifted tweed jackets.  And if you ever come here, please visit the supermercado next door.  You won’t be disappointed.


Thrift Store Review: Goodwill Cartersville

Cartersville is an unfortunate little city about 35 miles up I-75 from Atlanta.  They have all the major chain stores and you can get pretty much anything, but there’s little else to offer as far as entertainment.  The beautiful forests of Red Top Mountain which is wrapped by Lake Allatoona are the only reason to ever visit.  While you’re visiting you can stop by a pretty nice Goodwill located on Joe Frank Harris Parkway (better known as Highway 41).

In addition to the traditional Goodwill store, this location has a career center inside.  In a tiny city like Cartersville, I’m sure it’s greatly needed.  This is a reason I love to support Goodwill stores; if me buying used stuff very cheaply helps people get jobs, it’s the ultimate win-win.

The building is surprisingly new and nicely designed.

The building is surprisingly new and nicely designed.

The retail store is well maintained and organized.  There’s a jewelry counter, aisles of clothing (sorted by color), a vast collection of books, decent sporting section, classic Goodwill wall of tube televisions, nice sized children’s section and even a fair amount of couches and reclining chairs.  In the clothing section I noticed a huge pile of bras, which I can’t imagine anyone buying.  I feel like those, along with socks and underwear, are not things you buy used, even for a cheap bastard like me.

Goodwill: Cartersville 2  Goodwill: Cartersville 3

The important things I look for in a Goodwill include the selection, organization, cleanliness, access to bathrooms/changing rooms, the staff and, of course, their prices.  As I said, the selection and organization were great based on the other Goodwills I’ve been in.  The store was very clean and didn’t have that stale, dusty smell that some stores just can’t get rid of.  The bathrooms and changing rooms were clean, accessible and there were more than enough to accommodate customers on even a busy day.  All but one staff member provided excellent service.  The only one lacking was a woman who apparently went on break early and decided to talk to the only other cashier, causing a slight delay in me checking out.  Even so, I can’t really complain; if I was a cashier in Cartersville I’d probably do the same thing.  I typically base prices on the going rate of a t-shirt.  The shirts here went for $2.99, which is fair for Goodwill.  Sometimes they can sell for around $5, which is just too much (unless it’s an incredible shirt like this or this).

Overall, I’d definitely recommend stopping here.  I wouldn’t recommend coming to Cartersville, though.  Actually, rent a kayak, go explore the lake and hike Red Top mountain, then go to this Goodwill.  You’ll have fun; I guarantee it.

This Goodwill gets 8/10 used linen suits despite its location.


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