How it All Began

Good evening,

After moving out of my parents’ house while in college, I realized I could no longer survive buying whatever the hell I wanted.  Thankfully a friend of mine took me to America’s Thrift Store, a large thrift store in Marietta, Ga, near the college we attended.  It was love at first sight. The endless rows of unwanted clothing, the creepy aisle of stained stuffed animals, the unmistakable aroma of old people and dust; I loved it all.

Suddenly I was able to buy all the clothing and random stuff  I could ever want to while not blowing my rent and food money.  From then on I became a dedicated thrifter.  I travel often so I’m always stopping in thrift stores all around the country. I currently wear 80-90% used clothing and occasionally find a few gems I resell on eBay for extra cash.  As a huge sports fan, I’m also able to supplement my sport paraphernalia spending by finding secondhand sporting attire, equipment, balls, books and even bobbleheads.  Thrifting completely changed my lifestyle.

The point of this blog is to spread the idea of thrifting, which is great economically and environmentally.  Once a day I will share some of my favorite finds from over the years.  Some of these will be years old and some will be from the actual day I posted it.  If you have any finds, please feel free to post them on here!  I’d love to see some of the bargains you the reader may find.

Thanks for visiting!


Every man needs a Hawaiian shirt.

Every man needs a Hawaiian shirt.

2 responses

  1. I ALWAYS THRIFT! PEACHTREE INDUSTRIAL MONDAYS! 50% OFF! lol 🙂 love this though! keep it uppp


    1. What’s the name of the thrift store you’re talking about? I’ll add it to my list. And I’ll never stop! Haha


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