Fancy, Fruity Plates

My six or so years of French classes have finally paid off.


These are the kinds of plates that are too nice to eat off of, thus making them useless. Can’t imagine why they wound up at a Goodwill…





what part of MEOW don’t you understand?


Since the Internet is about 40% cats, this should quickly become my most popular post.

Brady Bunch Wall Art

Looks like somebody used one of the Groupon deals to make a canvas print of this popular 1970s sitcom. I must say it came out well.


While I’d love to hang this in my tiny home, I think I’ll save my $20 and let it remain here. It really brings this room together.


Custom Tic-Tac-Toe Toss Game


It’s a bargain at just $4.


Surprising quality. Who would give this away?

Portrait of The King


You might call this beautiful piece priceless. This particular Goodwill called it $50. Didn’t stop me from almost buying it.

I Have Returned…

As many, some or maybe even none of you know, I moved to California this past summer.  Two weeks in a  20-foot moving van, towing a car with a girl in the passenger seat was exactly as nightmarish as it sounds.  I took a long hiatus from posting mostly due to forgetfulness, but also from getting a little burnt out; it’s tough posting something EVERY day that’s interesting enough to warrant posting.  This is especially true when your entire premise is based on getting lucky wandering around thrift stores.

I have decided to renew my mission of showcasing all the weird/cool/stupid things I find whilst thrifting, but I will now be spacing them out a bit.  Currently I rely on public transit (thankfully I live in a city), so I’m a bit limited in what thrift stores I can go to at the moment.  That said, I shall do my best to provide my tens of readers with the best stuff I can find.  Also, please feel free to talk about your own finds, submit pictures or just tell me how much you love seeing all this crap I post.

Thanks for reading,


Junior Mint Lunchbox




“Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint?  It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint — it’s delicious!” – KramerJunior Mint Lunchbox 3

Junior Mint Lunchbox 2

4 Jerry Maguires for the 4th of July

The San Diego Salvation Army is half off everything today to celebrate our freedom to buy other people’s discarded belongings.


What’s more American than a super sports agent? 4 of them!


Have a safe and fun holiday, everyone. Go blow something up and wave a flag.

Team Luigi Shirt

Team Luigi Shirt

This post is dedicated to my pal Lounis who is the living embodiment of everything Luigi stands for. But mostly because he dresses up like Luigi sometimes.

Ice Cream Cone Plates!

Ice Cream Plates 2

These are the perfect unnecessary plates for your summer dessert.  You have no idea how tempted I was to buy these.

Ice Cream Plates

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