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Portland Trail Blazers Greg Oden Bobblehead

I have an unhealthy obsession with sports bobbleheads, so this was a delightful find. 

His legs look pretty sturdy… 

That smile! And the box is in pretty good shape.

Hopefully he saved some of his NBA earnings to pay for dental school. 


C.C. Sabathia “Turn Back the Clock” Cleveland Indians Bobblehead

This is one of my favorite finds EVER.

  2013-05-30 23.18.46 2013-05-30 23.19.09

I’m so tempted to open this and proudly display it, but I want to keep it forever safe in its box…WHAT SHOULD I DO???

2013-05-30 23.18.52 2013-05-30 23.18.59

You’d also have to “turn back the clock” to see C.C. in and Indians uniform.  I’m very grateful the Yankees have him locked up for the next few years.

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