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Portland Trail Blazers Greg Oden Bobblehead

I have an unhealthy obsession with sports bobbleheads, so this was a delightful find. 

His legs look pretty sturdy… 

That smile! And the box is in pretty good shape.

Hopefully he saved some of his NBA earnings to pay for dental school. 

GPS Graveyard 

Goodwills often become resting grounds for outdated technology. As older people finally realize that the computers they carry in their hands have free maps and navigation, these outdated clunkers wind up stockpiled here. I don’t see anyone buying these, so hopefully they wind up being recycled. 

Devices that once sold for hundreds wind up buried under miscellaneous cables.

Beautiful Mexican Art


I just wish the picture frame wasn’t so small.

Fancy, Fruity Plates

My six or so years of French classes have finally paid off.


These are the kinds of plates that are too nice to eat off of, thus making them useless. Can’t imagine why they wound up at a Goodwill…




what part of MEOW don’t you understand?


Since the Internet is about 40% cats, this should quickly become my most popular post.

Portrait of The King


You might call this beautiful piece priceless. This particular Goodwill called it $50. Didn’t stop me from almost buying it.

Ice Cream Cone Plates!

Ice Cream Plates 2

These are the perfect unnecessary plates for your summer dessert.  You have no idea how tempted I was to buy these.

Ice Cream Plates

California: You Can’t Afford It

So I’ve been on a week-long move/trip from Atlanta to San Diego which has kept me from posting almost-daily like I normally do.  I’m semi-settled now, so hopefully I’ll get to brighten your days with my thrift finds more regularly again.  It’s finally appropriate to post this wonderful shirt (which I now wear pretty often).  Based on the rents and price of gas out here, it’s definitely accurate…

California You Can't Afford It

100th Post: Beauty and the Beast Style!!

2013-05-27 17.38.55 2013-05-27 17.39.10

I found these awesome pictures in white frames at the grand opening of a Goodwill in Marietta, Ga.  These became gifts to two of my best friends at my going away party this weekend.  I’ll definitely miss them…and my friends too, of course.

Massive Butterfly Kites

Large Butterfly Kite

I hate bugs, so these massive butterfly kites I found in an Ohio Goodwill were mildly terrifying.

Large Butterfly Kite 2

I imagine this is what it would be like to see a Butterfree in real life.

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