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My Major League Dad

Major League Dad Mug

I got this mug a while back to give to my dad, Matt, for Father’s Day.  It’s sat on my dresser for months now, but only in the last couple of weeks have I really given some thought to what my father has actually meant to me.  A mug and a baseball game (I’m taking him and the family to see the Atlanta Braves-San Francisco Giants game tonight) are just a small gesture compared to what I owe my father.

Growing up, I was never too close to my dad.  He worked often and we really didn’t have much in common; he liked cars and home improvement type stuff and I’ve always loved sports and travel.  As the years went by I grew accustomed to not really talking to him all that often despite living with him for basically my entire life minus the year I lived on campus.  In the recent weeks I’ve asked a lot of him in preparation for my move to California: he’s helped me look at trucks, motorhomes, RVs, given me his advice on countless subjects and all the while supported my half-assed plans and aspirations.  I’m only now realizing, maybe due to some (key word some) maturation and the overwhelming thought of being 2200 miles away from him for the first time in my life.

To kinda keep this short, I guess this is one of coutless examples of “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone,” which is both cliche and mildly depressing.  On this, Father’s Day, step back and think about what your father has done for you.  And if you haven’t had one or lost one, I’m sorry on so many levels.  It’s truly a blessing to have a wonderful person in your life to help, give you guidance and provide for you.  It’s also a huge waste to not cherish it while you have it.  So anyone who has a father: go hug him tightly.  And to all of you fathers out there: thank you.  Raising a child is tough; it’s an endeavor I’m both excited and terrified to undertake.  Caring and being there for your kid is the most important thing in the world, so happy Father’s Day everyone.

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