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Portland Trail Blazers Greg Oden Bobblehead

I have an unhealthy obsession with sports bobbleheads, so this was a delightful find. 

His legs look pretty sturdy… 

That smile! And the box is in pretty good shape.

Hopefully he saved some of his NBA earnings to pay for dental school. 


Tyson Chandler Chicago Bulls Jersey

Chandler Bulls Jersey 1 Chandler Bulls Jersey 2

In honor of the NBA Playoffs and to celebrate Tyson Chandler‘s great night for the Knicks last night, here is a like-new jersey from his days in Chicago.

I love the guy and I’m glad New York has him, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it and wear the Bull’s red.

So this one time I found an Indiana Pacers jersey shirt in San Francisco…

I love sports, so I never miss a chance to buy anything from any of the major franchises. Last August in San Francisco I stumbled upon a Pacers jersey shirt while at a Salvation Army. I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to wear it in a relevant setting until tonight.


I wore this thrifted Indiana jersey shirt to game 3 of the Hawks-Pacers first round playoff game here in Atlanta, Ga.


Unfortunately it’s a Tyler Hansbrough shirt. He’s terrible. Arguably dreadful. Frankly I was embarrassed and considered taking it off.

Sweet Knicks Hardwood Classics Jersey.

I love the vibrant, 70s-esque coloring on the sides. Can’t wait to jinx their season by wearing this…

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