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Nifty Booze Rack

It’s fairly rare that you find furniture in a thrift store that isn’t stained or damaged in any way.

2013-05-24 17.18.33     2013-05-24 17.18.48

This cool wine rack was in very good condition.  Seems a but pricey at about $30, but compared to a new one it’s definitely a bargain.

2013-05-24 17.18.38     2013-05-24 17.18.44

Plenty of room for even a decent wine collection.  It even has a nice little drawer to store your…wine manuals?

I was very tempted to buy this, but I don’t like wine.  Might still go back and get it just cause it’s awesome.

Uncomfortable Green School Chairs

Found these neat green chairs at the Goodwill in Woodstock, GA.

Green chairs

Green chairs 2

For $1.91 each, it wouldn’t cost that much to start your own outdated, secondhand school.

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