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Portland Trail Blazers Greg Oden Bobblehead

I have an unhealthy obsession with sports bobbleheads, so this was a delightful find. 

His legs look pretty sturdy… 

That smile! And the box is in pretty good shape.

Hopefully he saved some of his NBA earnings to pay for dental school. 

Brand New Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones Jersey Shirt

Chipper Jones Jersey Shirt 3 Chipper Jones Jersey Shirt 1

Brand new this baby went for $22, but I got it for $4.99.  WIN.  Plus, MLB is now charging $30+ for these shirts, so really I saved around $25.

Chipper Jones Jersey Shirt 2


Alfonso Soriano Columbus Clippers Bobblehead

Soriano Bobble

I found this awesome vintage Alfonso Soriano bobblehead in a Columbus, OH, Goodwill.  The Clippers were once the New York Yankees AAA team, but they Cleveland Indians currently call Columbus their AAA home.

Soriano Bobble 2     Alfonso Soriano

As with most bobbleheads it really doesn’t look too much like him. Although I’ve seen much worse.

Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA Finals Champions Shirt

To show my dissatisfaction with the Miami Heat winning the Eastern Conference Finals last night, I’m finally posting this treasure I found a few months ago.

Mavs 2011 NBA Finals

The shirt has this awesome – and massive – championship ring adorning the front…

Mavs 2011 NBA Finals 2

The back has the entire team roster along with the Larry O’Brien NBA Finals trophy.

This is definitely something any Mavericks fan should have in their closet.

C.C. Sabathia “Turn Back the Clock” Cleveland Indians Bobblehead

This is one of my favorite finds EVER.

  2013-05-30 23.18.46 2013-05-30 23.19.09

I’m so tempted to open this and proudly display it, but I want to keep it forever safe in its box…WHAT SHOULD I DO???

2013-05-30 23.18.52 2013-05-30 23.18.59

You’d also have to “turn back the clock” to see C.C. in and Indians uniform.  I’m very grateful the Yankees have him locked up for the next few years.

Minnesota Twins Baseball Duffle Bag

Since the Minnesota Twins are in town playing the Braves I figured now would be a good time to post this cool Twins duffle bag I found a few weeks ago.

Twins Bag 1

In three minutes of Googling I was unable to deteremine when was made, but I found one listed for sale for $10 plus $7 shipping, confirming that this is a pretty valualbe find.  I snagged it for only $2.49.

Twins Bag 2

As you can see, it’s actually a very nice bag.  Solid material and rather spacious.

Twins Bag 3

I just wish the Atlanta Braves could have giveaways this cool…

Poor man’s golf balls.

All you need now is a set of Goodwill clubs and a plot of land and you’ll have your very own driving range!

Golf Balls

The only way I’d ever play golf is if it were this cheap.  And if it wasn’t boring.

Tyson Chandler Chicago Bulls Jersey

Chandler Bulls Jersey 1 Chandler Bulls Jersey 2

In honor of the NBA Playoffs and to celebrate Tyson Chandler‘s great night for the Knicks last night, here is a like-new jersey from his days in Chicago.

I love the guy and I’m glad New York has him, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it and wear the Bull’s red.

Balls Deep

Balls Deep

Best softball team name.  Call me immature, but I bet you laughed too.

So this one time I found an Indiana Pacers jersey shirt in San Francisco…

I love sports, so I never miss a chance to buy anything from any of the major franchises. Last August in San Francisco I stumbled upon a Pacers jersey shirt while at a Salvation Army. I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to wear it in a relevant setting until tonight.


I wore this thrifted Indiana jersey shirt to game 3 of the Hawks-Pacers first round playoff game here in Atlanta, Ga.


Unfortunately it’s a Tyler Hansbrough shirt. He’s terrible. Arguably dreadful. Frankly I was embarrassed and considered taking it off.

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