More Bunny for Your Money

In all my years of thrifting, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a find. And only $3.50!!

The others shoppers got to witness my impromptu and highly necessary photo shoot.

Definitely a little snug, but no way I was passing up on it. 

Ace of Plates

As a fan of both playing cards and odd-shaped tableware, this was an exciting find. A little dinged up, but at $4 it’s probably cheaper than a deck of playing cards.

Journey Boxset 

I brought my mother to the thrift store for the first time.  We were handsomely rewarded with this amazing Journey collection.

They had a very….unique art style.

I don’t know 40% of these, but I’m sure they’re incredible.

The hair. The clothes. The keytar. Perfection.

A Tale of Two Rizzos

Anthony Rizzo was once a promising young hitter in the San Diego Padres organization.  A trade sent this future all star to the Chicago Cubs, who won the 2016 World Series.  But don’t worry! In return, the Padres got a forgettable pitcher with an unforgettably awful beard.

I love jersey shirts and normally buy them all, but this one is a sad reminder of what could have been in San Diego. Plus, it’s a Large, and I wear Medium.

This was one of the more bland designs the Padres used in the 2000s.

High-end Hello Kitty

I’ve seen Hello Kitty versions of everything, but not such a nice handbag.  A little dirty, but my sister was still tempted to get it.  

Think of all the Hello Kitty things that could fit in here!

Portland Trail Blazers Greg Oden Bobblehead

I have an unhealthy obsession with sports bobbleheads, so this was a delightful find. 

His legs look pretty sturdy… 

That smile! And the box is in pretty good shape.

Hopefully he saved some of his NBA earnings to pay for dental school. 

GPS Graveyard 

Goodwills often become resting grounds for outdated technology. As older people finally realize that the computers they carry in their hands have free maps and navigation, these outdated clunkers wind up stockpiled here. I don’t see anyone buying these, so hopefully they wind up being recycled. 

Devices that once sold for hundreds wind up buried under miscellaneous cables.

Stupid Giant KIA Hamster

I’m not sure if this is one of those KIA hamsters, but it resembles it enough to bring out the rage in me. I really hate those commercials. I wanted to buy it just to incinerate it.


Car keys for scale.

Peculiar Seal Pinata


Who gives away a brand new pinata? That friendly seal face is just asking to be clubbed to shreds by sugar-hungry children and/or intoxicated adults.


It apparently has some kind of protrusion on the nose. Perhaps this manufacturing mishap is why he’s yet to find a (admittedly short-lived) home.

Beautiful Mexican Art


I just wish the picture frame wasn’t so small.

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